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Welcome to my blog! This space has been used over the past several years to document mainly my natural hair journey and several different aspects of my life such as spiritual matters, my jewelry design, and parenting. I will from time to time post on this blog but my newly revamped blog can be found at BeautifullyCurled.com. Here you will find much recent updates about my hair journey along with my daughter's and so much more. Hope you will come by and visit and thanks for stopping by this blog. Be blessed. -Kris

Doing the PINEAPPLE Method!

I have been maintaining the fullness and definition of my twist out for the past two days by doing the pineapple method overnight.

What do you need for this method?

I am NOT a Product Junkie BUT...

I just could NOT resist the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Shea Moisture deal at Walgreens this week! Yep, here it is in print:

I have always wanted to try this line of organic products but was not sure I wanted to dish out the moola to do so just yet. Shea Moisture is sold at my local Target store for about $10 per item if I can recall. I heard a lot of great reviews particularly about the Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and knew that it would be one of very FEW products I would like to try next on my WISH list. However, after seeing all these blog posts and YouTube videos about Shea Moisture being B1G1 free this week, I immediately jumped on the deal.

After Almost 4 weeks, I Finally Took THEM Down!

THEM = Almost 4 week old twists!

Yes, I had my twists in my head for almost 4 weeks. Definitely was not my intention to have them in that long in the first place BUT I could not resist the ease of them. I have been in this protective styling mode for a year now so once I tossed the wigs aside and sported my real hair in the form of twists, I just could not break away from the idea of not manipulating my hair for extended periods of time.

I sported buns for the majority of the time I had my twists in my head. Here's one example of my bun:

After awhile, I realized that if I do not take these twists out, I would have started some dreads at the back of my head. I remember from previous times of wearing twists for a long period of time, removing the twists at the back of my head was a pain in the neck.

However, this time, I had NO problems taking out any of my twists. I was surprised!  I am not sure what attributed to such ease of untwisting my hair but I sure hope I can continue to experience this every time I remove my twists because I do plan on wearing my twists for at least 3 weeks before taking them out in the future since I am perfectly content (for now) to sport the bun instead of rushing to rock the twist out.

Here is my twists before:

Here is my hair once I removed all my twists...it took no more than 20 minutes...I am a FAST un-twister. :)

 I can definitely tell a difference in the fullness of my twist out since completely my 1 year protective styling challenge. It really has paid off and the length is definitely there. I am quite pleased with the results. Here are some pictures of my twist out manipulated some:

To preserve my twist out overnight, I gathered all my hair into a very high pony tail on the top of my hair. I loosely secured my hair with an elastic band which made my hair look like a pineapple. I wrapped my satin scarf around my head and covered my loose pony tail with my satin bonnet. This was the first time I tried this method. I found out about the pineapple method via Youtube.

This morning, it worked like a charm! I had no loss in definition when I took down my pony tail and shook out my hair.  My twist out STILL has LOTS of volume! Previous times I would just throw on a covering on my head and experience flatness in my twist out. The pineapple method is definitely a keeper in my routine!

Here are some pictures of my day 2 twist out:

I am definitely planning on wearing this twist out until Friday when I will wash my hair and most likely deep condition it overnight.

I will post updates on the progression of my twist out as the week passes.

Until next time...be blessed and BE.YOU.Always!

How I Wear My Twists Overnight

Last Friday, I wanted to protect the ends of my twists and decided to tuck my ends under themselves. Here is what I achieved:

Before I show the back, I want to show you some of the damaged areas in the front area of my head:

See the difference between the thin end and the thick end? That was due to heavy shedding after pregnancy. So I tucked those ends away too:

Here is the back:

Me and my daughter playing around:

So for the breakdown of this style, I gathered all my twists together in the back and wrapped an elastic band around the twist near the ends. Then I tucked the ends under and secured them with a single goody spin pin. I also tucked the front pieces around the sides toward the middle of my head...no pins were required. Then I cover my twists with my bonnet. In the morning, I achieve a slight bump in my twists after removing the pins and elastic band.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to protect those ends while out or sleeping in your bed for the night.

Until next time~BE.YOU.Always!

Protective Styling With My Twists

So, yeah. I pretty much ended my one year wig challenge about 3 weeks prematurely. Sounds exactly how I ended my transition a month earlier than planned 7 years ago. :) Eh, close enough, right?

The reason why I wanted to wear my natural hair out (in twists) was because my fiance and I took engagement pictures last Saturday and I didn't want to wear my wig for the photo session. My fiance and I first connected through my natural hair and I wanted our pictures to reflect that. I can't wait for the pictures to be edited and sent to my mail. Once I receive them, I will post a few for you all to see.

Here is the photographer's website who took the shots: Robert Filcsik Photography

Anyway, I am still wearing my twists I put in my hair last Thursday. It has almost been a week, and I have not ran water through my hair since then.

It is SOOO HARD. I miss my water on my scalp!

I have been spritzing my hair (especially my ends) with water and applying my leave-in conditioner throughout my twists to keep them soft and moisturized. I am currently in New Jersey for vacay and it is something windy up here (my fiance's parents live near the water). My hair has significantly shrunken in length compared to day one of my twists but I still love how they look. I am hoping to keep them in my hair until Sunday morning where I plan (hopefully) to do a twist out.

Here is how my twists looked last Thursday:

Here is how they look today (almost a week later):
Major shrinkage even though my head was a little more tilted in the first picture. The shrinkage came from all the spritzing I have been doing to keep my ends moisturized. My twists are now a little more plumper in size because of the added moisture.

Here are some other shots of my twists:

I am about 4-5 inches from waist length so I can imagine how much shrinkage I will experience once I reach that milestone. Shrinkage and no shrinkage, I just love my natural hair.

Stay tuned for the twist out results next week!

My First Set of Twists on Dry Hair

It has been YEARS since I have done this. I am usually an advocate of doing my twists on wet hair straight out the shower because it has always been easier to do and I usually like plump twists.  This time, I decided to re-visit twisting on dry hair. The BIGGEST difference is that I see length with my twists done on dry hair opposed to volume when done on wet hair. I only used my leave-in conditioner and Kinky Curly Curling Custard gel (to see if my twists will last longer).

I have no plans on running water through my twists over the next week. I will only apply my leave-in conditioner mid week (or sooner if the Jersey air dries my hair out too much...vacay next week!). Here is a video I did about my first set of twists.

Stay tuned for the twist out results...not sure if I will untwist my hair while up in Jersey or wait until I am back in NC. Either way, I will take pictures of the results so stay tuned!

Be blessed and BE.YOU.Always!

Twist Out Results from Last Week!

I finally posted my video explaining the results of my twist out:

I was pleased with the results of this twist out. It was different because I didn't use any gel or shea butter on my twists therefore leaving my twist out very light and fluffy. I will be doing some experimentation on the various results I can achieve with my twist out under different conditions (i.e. gel only, shea butter only, gel and shea butter, and etc). Also, I rinsed the twists several times (once per day) before finally doing the twist out so that may have affected the results. Next time I do twists on damp hair, I will not rinse my twists at all with water before doing a twist out to see if that will make any difference.

Stay tuned and be blessed!