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After Almost 4 weeks, I Finally Took THEM Down!

THEM = Almost 4 week old twists!

Yes, I had my twists in my head for almost 4 weeks. Definitely was not my intention to have them in that long in the first place BUT I could not resist the ease of them. I have been in this protective styling mode for a year now so once I tossed the wigs aside and sported my real hair in the form of twists, I just could not break away from the idea of not manipulating my hair for extended periods of time.

I sported buns for the majority of the time I had my twists in my head. Here's one example of my bun:

After awhile, I realized that if I do not take these twists out, I would have started some dreads at the back of my head. I remember from previous times of wearing twists for a long period of time, removing the twists at the back of my head was a pain in the neck.

However, this time, I had NO problems taking out any of my twists. I was surprised!  I am not sure what attributed to such ease of untwisting my hair but I sure hope I can continue to experience this every time I remove my twists because I do plan on wearing my twists for at least 3 weeks before taking them out in the future since I am perfectly content (for now) to sport the bun instead of rushing to rock the twist out.

Here is my twists before:

Here is my hair once I removed all my twists...it took no more than 20 minutes...I am a FAST un-twister. :)

 I can definitely tell a difference in the fullness of my twist out since completely my 1 year protective styling challenge. It really has paid off and the length is definitely there. I am quite pleased with the results. Here are some pictures of my twist out manipulated some:

To preserve my twist out overnight, I gathered all my hair into a very high pony tail on the top of my hair. I loosely secured my hair with an elastic band which made my hair look like a pineapple. I wrapped my satin scarf around my head and covered my loose pony tail with my satin bonnet. This was the first time I tried this method. I found out about the pineapple method via Youtube.

This morning, it worked like a charm! I had no loss in definition when I took down my pony tail and shook out my hair.  My twist out STILL has LOTS of volume! Previous times I would just throw on a covering on my head and experience flatness in my twist out. The pineapple method is definitely a keeper in my routine!

Here are some pictures of my day 2 twist out:

I am definitely planning on wearing this twist out until Friday when I will wash my hair and most likely deep condition it overnight.

I will post updates on the progression of my twist out as the week passes.

Until next time...be blessed and BE.YOU.Always!

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  1. this is beautiful, Kris! Question for you: did you wash your hair during the 4 weeks you had these twists in? What was your regimen?

    I'm asking because I'm thinking of wearing my natural hair in twists during the summer. I'm going to Mexico and where I'm staying doesn't have great access to water, so I'm trying to figure out what protective style I can do for my hair! Any suggestions?