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How Do You Use Aloe Vera on Your Natural Hair? Share Your Recipes!

I have this huge bottle of aloe vera juice sitting in my refrigerator. Although it does not expire until June 2013, it has been opened for over 4 months now. I read from some sources that aloe vera juice starts to turn bad 2-3 months after opening while some sources say that it is still good past that time window. I decided to hop on the latter bandwagon and use the remaining half of the bottle for my hair until it is gone.

I opened the bottle to see if there was anything floating inside and to check for any odd smells. All seemed normal. I do not drink the juice although I know it has some great digestive health benefits. I tried it once, and it tasted horrible...I am not sure if it is because it has been opened for a while or because that is how it tastes naturally. Either way, it is a no go for me.

I decided to incorporate aloe vera juice in my hair as a daily spritz. My hair has been a little more on the dry side lately even underneath the wig so I need to up my moisturizing routine to every other day and see how much that will help with the dryness factor.

Water has a pH of 7 (neutral), so when it runs over our hair (pH of 4-5), it causes our hair to temporarily relax. In addition to that, water causes the cuticles to lift along the hair shaft. Therefore some friction can result as we run our hands down our hair prior to adding any conditioner or other product on our hair following rinsing it with water.

For my spritz recipe, I used one part aloe vera juice, one part filtered water, and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. I mixed these three ingredients in a cheap spray bottle from Wal-mart and proceeded to run water over my hair because water is the ultimate source of moisture for our hair. When I used my aloe vera juice mixture (with a pH in the 4-5 range), my hair instantly became smoother as I worked the mixture down my hair because the cuticles have been closed (due to the low pH). The olive oil served as a sealant to aid in keeping the moisture in my hair until the next time I use the mixture. I braided my hair up and was well on my way with smooth and moisturized hair.

If it was not for Kimmaytube explaining the scientific relationship between pH and our hair, I probably would not have fully understood why aloe vera has such great benefits to our hair (although for a long time, I knew it was a staple used by many people). :)

The question, how do you incorporate aloe vera (juice or gel) in your hair routine? Please leave your recipes below to share with me and others. I still have half a bottle to use. :)


  1. I use kimmaytubes leave in which has avj in it. It make ur hair sooooo soft. I also use it as a spritz with some oils and herb infused water.

  2. I LOVE her leave in recipe. That was gold when she shared the recipe. I tried to use other products as substitutes for the kinky curly knot today but have not found anything to work as well as her recipe. I am very curious about her line of products!

    Is the herb infused water something you do yourself or buy? Thanks for sharing that with me!