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Who Influences You? Part 1 of 2 Series

This week is Vacation Bible School week at Church and in last night's class, the topic dealt with "influence". The first question asked was "Who has had a strong influence on your life?" I sat there, thought about it, and came up with an individual although I have had several individuals who have influenced me in special way, both positive and negative (good can come from these type of experiences, too!). Well, one of my best friends mentioned the exact same person I had in mind after the question was asked.

Why this particular individual? Well, this woman has been through hell over high water and I would have never known if she hadn't expressed it. I mean she had gone through things I could have never imagined her going through (abuse, low self esteem, feeling of unworthiness, infertility, and etc) because of who she is today in my eyes: a beautiful, strong, confident, talented, and bold woman of God.

It is because of the things she has gone through and her humbleness and willingness to share some of her darkest life moments with her sisters in Christ that has really had a positive influence on me. It is people who share things that are taboo to talk about in Church and how God has brought them through that leave the lasting influence in my life. It shows how God has worked so wonderfully in their lives to turn dark, negative situations into positive ones in order for Him to get the utmost glory from His people. I truly appreciate testimonies like these because I can very much relate to the "down and out but God turned it around" stories.

Although I have not been through nearly what she has gone through, I do have my story. I have my testimony. I have been through things I am quite sure my sisters, friends, and family would have never thought the sweet, always smiling, yet reserved Kristal would have gone through aka unplanned pregnancy, dragging out graduate school for an insane amount of time, depression and anxiety, uncertainty about professional/career direction, and feelings of defeat and inadequacy to the point of wanting to give up everything. Yep, all of these are a part of my time line. #twitter  But I have been here long enough to know that despite it all, I am still standing because God has purposed for me to be here and as long as I am still here, there is still hope for a better and brighter life and future and ultimately HEAVEN!

Because of this sister who has been so open to share her many testimonies to me and others, she has given me the courage to one day be an open book and share my testimony to others so I can hopefully be a positive influence to others just like she has been to me.

But what about now? How am I a positive influence now?

Stay tuned for part 2.

In the meanwhile, who are some of your strongest influences and why? These can be both positive and negative (like I mentioned, good can come from the negative Romans 8:28). I certainly do not judge.

Be blessed and BE.YOU.Always

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    The two people who have had the most influence in my life are my parents. As I get older new stories of their childhood and teenage years are revealed to me. At first I didn't understand why I was just learning about their past, but after I took some time to reflect on it I realized that certain stories were much too deep for my understanding back then.

    My parents have come a long way and through it all they were always there for each other. I hope my future husband and I will have a marriage as successful as my parents'.