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Shopping Haul: 26 Items for $15. Saved Over $120. Happy Momma.

So I happened to check my email to find a message from Plato's Closet. If you don't know what Plato's Closet is, it is a trendy consignment shop. The clothes are gently used and most of the items are name brand like Express, Gap, Forever 21, Charlotte Rouse, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and etc. I have shopped there on a few occasions but mainly go there to trade in my clothes for cash.

In this email, it had an advertisement stating that there is a Grab Bag Event going on for today only. I have never heard of this but quickly became interested when I learned that you only pay $15 for every clearance item you can stuff in a plastic bag (provided by Plato's).

I was on that!!!

The event started at 10am. So I grabbed the kiddo and proceeded to head out to Plato's Closet. When I got there around 10:05, there was this huge mass of people going inside. I have never been out shopping on a Black Friday, but I felt like this event is comparable to that because the place was packed! As far as a game plan, I knew that the easiest items for me to stuff in my plastic bag while still keeping a close hand on Zakiah were tops. Plus, I knew there was going to be a mad line for the waiting rooms so me trying to pick out pants, skirts, and dresses was not going to work. Zakiah and I don't have THAT kind of patience...lol.

I am very much a tank/t-shirt and jeans type of female because I like to be as comfortable as I can be when I am out with Zakiah and my fiance likes that about me. Laid back and comfortably fashionable. So I went through the clearance racks and started grabbing, tightly rolling, and stuffing my bag until I went through the shirt racks. Although things were getting picked through, I found some pretty great items that best fit my style. I refused to just put any old thing in my bag just because it fits inside.

An hour and an half later, I got 26 items for $16 (including tax). Mostly tops, one dress, and one black romper. No more summer top shopping for me. Seriously. Here are pictures of all the items laid out, the plastic bag in which all the items were stuffed into, and the receipt showing my savings. God is good and is definitely a Provider of both our needs and WANTS (if it be His will).

 If you have a Plato's Closet nearby in your area, you should sign up for their emails to see what kind of special events and deals your local store may be having. Plus, it is a great way to clean out your closet and get some extra cash in exchange for your clothes.

ETA: As I was cutting the tags off, I noticed the Express price tag. The pictures are self-explanatory. :)

A $128 dress for $1.77. :)


  1. I've never been very interested in shopping hauls until now...You have just taught me something. Thank you for the informative shopping tip. I will be on the look out for steals like this in the future. I wish there were a Plato's Closet in my area. Lucky you!

  2. Wow!!! We have a plato's closet but I wear a plus size and their few and far between of those sizes in there. but that was an awesome deal!!!! You are set for the rest of the summer!

  3. @Sukari: I was the same way especially with the outfits of the day. But now, I enjoy seeing what people find and put together especially when it comes to bargain shopping. I am glad you found this post useful. There are definitely steals out there even at your local thrift stores. I have found plenty of the same trendy name brands clothing at those places too. :)

    @Jamie: At this Plato's closet, there was actually a good amount of plus size clothing believe it or not (because I was looking through them to see if any other sizes were misplaced in this section). But yeah, if I did not have my daughter there, I would have probably gotten two bags of items: one for tops and the second for dresses/accessories. I am set though and I am glad. Surely blessed with such an awesome deal! Definitely will pay more attention to their emails for future deals and events. :)

  4. yea, where I live we have our event for Plato's Closet next Saturday but it's for $10 instead of $15. I guess it varies for different areas but I can't WAIT. I'm dressing for "war" haha. Congrats on what you got hun! I love that store. I have nothing but name brand clothes in my closet for STUPID cheap and it's all thanks to Plato's Closet :-)

  5. Oh wow! Who would have known!!! Thanks for sharing, I would have joined you if I was in the country!!!

  6. Great steals! I got the email & was gonna go, but I went on a trip instead.