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Welcome to my blog! This space has been used over the past several years to document mainly my natural hair journey and several different aspects of my life such as spiritual matters, my jewelry design, and parenting. I will from time to time post on this blog but my newly revamped blog can be found at BeautifullyCurled.com. Here you will find much recent updates about my hair journey along with my daughter's and so much more. Hope you will come by and visit and thanks for stopping by this blog. Be blessed. -Kris

Pictures of Current Set of Twists Done on Dry Hair

I did this set of twists last Friday night/Saturday morning. It took 3.5 hours the night before and 1 hour the morning of. I am starting to like the method of doing the back two thirds of my head the night before and doing the front third the next morning so my style can look completely fresh for an entire day before going through the nightly maintenance of tying down the hair, which can sometimes flatten my twists on the sides of my head over time.

My hair was stretched from wearing buns the week before. No heat was involved in the process. I decided to do my twists on stretched hair to help show some length of my twists before the NC humidity attacks them.

This is my best dry twist set to date. I finally figured out how to style the front in a way that I like where my hair is not all in my face.

I lightly spritzed the ends with water for moisture, applied Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie to my hair first for extra moisture and sealing, then the Kinky Curly Curling Custard gel for hold, and lastly some homemade whipped shea butter to the entire length of hair for a little extra sealing and weight.

How I made the whipped shea butter:
I placed the raw shea butter in a plastic container and sat it in a deep bowl of hot water to melt it. Once melted, I added extra virgin olive oil, melted cocoa butter (the stick kind), coconut oil, caster oil, vegetable glycerin, and jojoba oil into the liquified shea butter and stirred everything up with a spoon. Once stirred, I took an electric mixture and mixed the ingredients up thoroughly. I placed the shea butter in the refrigerator to cool it down for a few minutes and then I mixed it again with the mixer. I repeated the last two steps about four times until the mixture had a whipped consistency at room temperature. Love it!

I took these pictures from my phone so I played around with the different effects installed on the camera. Here is some pictures showing the only time I will ever have blond twists...lol.  As a matter of fact, I have no interest in applying a color or hair dye to my hair anytime soon.

The weekend would make it two weeks of wearing this set of twists. That's my main goal although I was kind of hoping to push for three weeks if possible. However, with my dry, itchy scalp, I must give in and wash my hair this weekend. My scalp definitely needs water.  But I have really enjoyed this set of twists and am really appreciating the ease and versatility of twists at this length.


  1. Your hair is beautiful! Don't you just love the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie?

  2. Thanks! I really do like it on my twists and on my daughter's hair as a leave-in condish. It smells so awesome!

  3. Hey Babes. Its Aisa. Do these mess up when they get wet or do you have to keep them dry all the time? How can you keep them moisturized?

  4. Thanks Ebony! :)

    Hey Aisa. I didn't wet these twists at all, which was so hard because I love water on my scalp. I kept them in for two weeks but my scalp just could not take it anymore so I took them down. I am going to wash my hair today. I kept them moisturized by spritzing a little water on the ends and sealing with Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie. For majority of the time I had these twists, my hair was in a bun so that helped with keeping my ends moisturized.

  5. I love your hair! Your twists came out beautifully!!!