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Going Into Month 3 of the 6 Month Protective Styling Challenge

I am going on into month 3 of my 6 month protective styling challenge. All is going well except for two things: I haven't been moisturizing my ends like I should be and second, my scalp has been really dry.

Since it is SOOOOO humid in NC, once I step outside, my hair just instantly soak up the moisture whenever I wear my twists down. The humidity makes my hair so soft and moist that I just don't really feel like I need to over moisturize my hair. However, whenever I have been in the hot beating sun for a long period of time, I do go back and moisture my hair with some Shea Moisture Curl Milk Conditioner. So far, I haven't noticed any breakage. The motto less is more is working for me right now.

As far as my scalp go...OMG! I don't know if you can get sunburned on your scalp (from being out in the sun for a long period of time at the beach or at the pool) but my scalp has been dry.  I had to oil my scalp with a mix of some EVOO, peppermint EO, lavender EO, and rosemary EO to help sooth the itchiness. I know tea tree oil is supposed to help but I don't have any of that on me right now.

I am also thinking that the dryness may be a result of not drinking enough water and not rinsing my hair and scalp with water once a week.  Since I have been trying to prolong the life of my twists, I have been extending my hair washings.  The current set I have in right now is about 1.5 weeks old. I was trying to wear them until next Saturday but I think I am going to take them down and wash my hair this weekend to really be able to moisture and massage my scalp.

Here are some pictures of different styles I have been wearing with my twists.

Flexi Rod Mini Twists

Chunky Twists at the Beach

Loosely Braided Bun

Twists done on dry hair (current set)

Twists in a Side Banana Clip Bun (Twists cornrowed to the end and tucked under)

My favorite style is clearly the bun so I have been wearing my twists in them most of the time. Occasionally I will wear my twists down. With the current set of twists I have in my hair, I particularly like how I styled the front in a way that the hair does not have to fall all in my face whenever I wear them down. This is ideal to me in the summer. My next set will be styled very similar to these.

This is it so far with my protective styling progress. Hope you all are staying strong on the challenge if you are doing it with me!  I will be doing a length check in a couple of weeks so stay tuned! In the meantime, have a blessed Wednesday! :)

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