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Help! For Zakiah's Sake, I Need Some Cornrowing Tips BAD!

I am soliciting your tips on 

  • how to recreate the last set of braids
  • how to reduce frizz
  • how to create neater parts
  • whatever else you think I should know

But before we get to the tips, read about my experience with cornrowing first...

Soooooooo before my daughter had hair, I told myself that I would never cornrow her head. I was stuck on the idea of cute ponypuffs, pig tails, and afro puffs with headband accessories.

Now that she has over 6 inches of hair. HA! What was I smoking back then???

After getting tired of doing her hair OVER several times a week MANY weeks, I figured I would attempt cornrowing. Mind you, I have never cornrowed a child's hair ever and only did 4-5 chunky cornrows in my hair ONCE while I transitioned back in 2003. So. Yeah. No experience pretty much.

I watched some YT videos and found some instructions online to help give me a better idea of the braiding pattern. I know how to flat twist my hair pretty well and understand the concept of grabbing hair as I go along the flat twist. I know how to braid well. So if I put two and two together, I should be able to cornrow somewhat decently, right?

HA! (again)

So here is my first attempt. I didn't want anything straight back her head and thought doing the braids upward in a puff would be cute. I did these on stretched hair.

So yeah, cool. I thought they were straight for my first attempt in preparation for a beach trip. They were fuzzy and it was difficult trying to braid the back upwards toward the puff but like I mentioned, we were only going to the beach. No big deal.

Feeling a little confident, I decided to make attempt number two by braiding her hair into a ponytail and adding some bangs in the front. I did these on damp hair.

Hmmm, I definitely found doing her hair dry and stretched helped with my grip more so than on damp hair. I had extreme difficulty grasping the concept of cornrowing upwards at the back of head and I messed up too many times. Poor baby was so patient with me. The back this time was really frizzy by the time her hair dried.

Therefore, after that excruciating 1.5 hour attempt, I decided to ask a teenager at my Church to cornrow my daughter's hair. Alas, this is what I envisioned my daughter's cornrows to look like:

Nice and neat. Minimal frizz. Even rows. Sheen. Right here is my goal.  Z's hair was done on stretched hair and the only product used was the Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie (because the young lady loved the smell of it).  I noticed that the parts are smaller. I am guessing for her length of hair, smaller parts would equal to less frizz and better braid definition?

I just know that I want to improve my technique! It has been nice not having to deal with my daughter's hair for more than a week! So this is why I am here on my blog seeking advice from the skilled cornrow-ers. lol

Once again, I am soliciting your tips on 
  • how to recreate the last set of braids
  • how to reduce frizz
  • how to create neater parts
  • whatever else you think I should know

Any websites/youtube videos you recommend for me to view to get a better idea on cornrowing would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave tips on my blog's Facebook page.

Thanks in advance! I know practice makes perfect. I am on for the task! :)


  1. Not too bad for your first attempt. My tips would be like you already do to cornrow on dry stretched hair that always helps me with my daughter's hair. I also have her sleep with a do-rag or a wave cap for men so I tie it around her head then I put the regular satin bonnet over that. I would say about 8/10 times she wakes up with both off her head but at least it helps some during the night LOL. As far as the cornrows go you only grad and add hair to the middle of the braid. So if you have your 3 sections of hair you only pick up extra hair to add to the middle section of hair. I hope that makes sense. And yes practice makes perfect. It looks like you are starting the braids out in an underhanded way and then they switch to regular overhanded cornrow braids.

  2. Thanks! That is a great idea about the do-rag. My daughter would most likely take it off at some point but every little bit helps although my fiance has always suggested buying satin sheets for her bed...lol. I cannot even imagine that.

    As far as gradually picking up hair, I figured I am picking up way too much as I take the outside section of the braid and moving it to the middle. So my sections should start off really small? How do you keep the ends from tangling as you braid along the section of hair (especially in the beginning of the cornrow)?

    I should underhand the entire way through the cornrow until I reach the end of the braid?

    Thank you soooo much for the response! I am all ears and open to all constructive critiques. :)

  3. They do sell satin pillow cases for about $10 at Wal mart, try that.

    Your hair that you grab at a time should just be a pinch of hair not a big section. As far as the tangling of the remaining hair each time you cornrow farther down, just run your finger all the way through the way to smooth out and remove any tangles. If you don't and wait too long to do that you'll have a big ball of tangled hair.

    You should have the braids going overhand so they are sitting on top of the head, like in the pics of your daughter's hair that the girl from the church did.

    I hope that helps

  4. Wow, thank you so much!!! Seriously, these are some helpful tips. Especially the pinching a little hair at a time tip. I think that is critical with the neatness of the cornrow. I was definitely messing up at this part.

    I will keep the overhand technique in mind. I am excited about the next cornrowing session now! :)

  5. Your welcome, anytime :) Good Luck! I can't wait to see more pics :)