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Welcome to my blog! This space has been used over the past several years to document mainly my natural hair journey and several different aspects of my life such as spiritual matters, my jewelry design, and parenting. I will from time to time post on this blog but my newly revamped blog can be found at BeautifullyCurled.com. Here you will find much recent updates about my hair journey along with my daughter's and so much more. Hope you will come by and visit and thanks for stopping by this blog. Be blessed. -Kris

Another 1.5 Inches of #Naturalhair in the Bag: Midway Length Check

If you have been following me on my 6 month protective styling challenge, we are pretty much at the midway point of the challenge! Just a few days shy actually, but I wanted to celebrate a little early. So a little over 3 more months to go ladies! Give yourselves a pat on the back. I also want to give a shout out to all the ladies on Hairlista who have joined the group and supported each other on this challenge. You ladies are amazing, and it is definitely encouraging to have over 250 supporters chiming in on their experiences and progress during the challenge. :) I would have never imagined so many ladies would be in on this with me. ::hugs:: to you all.

It has been a fairly easy challenge for me so far especially since I have been back to wearing my short curly wig. As promised, I did an official length check. I am horrible with aligning the pictures but I did the best I could to level out the two pictures. Here is the result so far:

Left: Initial Length Check. Right: Midway Length Check (Click to enlarge picture).

My hair growth is pretty much predictable. It grows a minimum of 0.5 inches a month (sometimes a little more over the summer). The first line on the picture on the right is the starting point, the middle line is the midway point, and the third line is my prediction for the final length check. By the end of the challenge, I expect to have gained and retained at least 3 inches of hair total, which is average across the board for most women. I will see if my expectation meets up at the final length check at the beginning of November so stay tuned!

If you have any comparison pictures you would like to share, please leave links in the comment section. I would love to see them plus they can definitely be sources of encouragement to others on the challenge. Hope everyone is hanging in there! Keep it up! It will surely pay off in the end. :)

Until next time. Be blessed and BE.YOU.Always! :)

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