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Create a Thicker Bun with a Banana Clip

LOL...I look like that black guy off Star Trek aka the Reading Rainbow guy.
I decided that I want to wear my twists in a bun for extra protection this week. Therefore, I pulled out my banana clip, elastic band, and long bobby pin. The banana clip is an excellent tool to help create the illusion of a thicker and fuller bun when wearing twists.

This is how I completed my thick bun in 5 minutes:

I gathered all my twists toward the lower back of my hair and secured them in my banana clip (used a black one):

I took my elastic band and secured it around the end of the ponytail. This helps keep my bun neater without having to use a lot of bobby pins to secure it.

I spritzed my ends with some water and rolled the ends under to create a bun making sure to tuck the ends tight enough to hide the elastic band underneath the bun. I took my long bobby pin to secure the bun in place and voila, the results of my bun:

Hope this helps give you an idea of how to use a banana clip to create a thicker bun!

What are some ways you use to create thicker and fuller buns? Would love to hear them!

Until next time...BE.YOU.Always

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  1. Hello there.
    I really like that protective style. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Where did you get your banana clip from?
    Have a blessed week-end!