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Spirtual Lesson: It Ain't Over

Currently, I am in a state of uncertainty in my life. So much is going on, so much to do, so little time.  Thinking carnally, I have been having a hard time grasping how in the world all the scrambled pieces of my life will fall together.  Quite naturally with this frame of thinking and worrying, I start to get down and feel overwhelmed. Thankfully I have enough sense to turn on my Pandora to the Yolanda Adams station when I begin to lose sight of where God is trying to take me in life and get discouraged. Of course I can just pick up my bible and start reading scripture, but there is something about inspirational songs that instantly bring life to my soul especially when I the devil is attacking me at all angles and can't make another move.

The devil knows how to get me (and us all at one point or another) to a very dark place by feeding the flesh with doubt, fear, anxiety, worthlessness, and of course, uncertainty.  Honestly, he has been attacking me hard lately. Beating me down day by day trying to convince me that I am too deep in my situation, too weak to get through it, and too small to get over it.  But trust, don't think I am giving him any credit for anything. See, the devil wants me to believe that no matter how hard I try, I am down and out forever and there is no hope for me. He desperately wants me to believe that poor decisions I have made in my past have made my present situation too hard to change for the good in the future. He wants me to believe my life is over.

But praise be to God, there is a song for my life right now: It Ain't Over by Maurette Brown Clark. Every line to the song speaks to me because it represents my present situation. What I love the most about this song is the part where she sings: But the impossible is God's chance to work a miracle, a miracle. See, what seems impossible to us is never impossible to God. God can do anything. So when He so easily solves our seemly impossible situations, we, from the eyesight of men, see them as miracles. Another line I like is when she goes on to say: Jesus defeated all your enemies way before the fight began. Um, can we say what an omnipotent and omniscient God we serve? He had all (not some) our situations and trials under control before we even had the idea to get ourselves in the mess we most times get ourselves into. The devil never had a chance because God defeated him a long time ago. Since the devil knows this, he cleverly tries to see if we can give him life through giving into our weaknesses and losing faith in God's promises. In moments like these, we must remember that when we are weak, we are strong through God. He is the only One who provides us all the power, strength, and wisdom we need to overcome the devil and claim the victory that has already been won for His children.

So if you are feeling like it is over, whether it is a situation with your job, school, unemployment, family, friends, health, just KNOW it is not. And never feel like you are all alone (this is one of the devil's greatest illusions). The devil does not have the final word, you do not have the final word, your circumstances do not have the final word. It is God who has the final say in all that manifests in life on this earth because He is the only One in control. So don't give the devil any power and don't lose hope. If you fall, stumble, fall down even further than before, it is still not over. God is still working through you and on you. Just look up to Him. He already has EVERYTHING planned out. He already knew you were going to be in the situation you are in right now. The good news is that you are going to win. He has already promised the victory.

Here are the lyrics to the song. Hopefully they will touch at least one person like they have touched me over and over again. Here is a video to the song.

Verse I
I know the odds are stacked against you
And it seems there's no way out
I know the issue seems unchangeable
And that there's no reason to shout
But the impossible is God's chance
To work a miracle, a miracle
So just know

It ain't over until God says it's over
It ain't over until God says it's done
It ain't over until God says it's over
Keep fighting until your victory is won

Verse II
He never said it would be easy
But you're a winner in the end
Jesus defeated all your enemies
Way before the fight began
But the impossible is God's chance
To work a miracle, a miracle
So just know


When people say you can't, remember
(He can, He can)
When you don't know what to do,
Please remember
(He has the master plan)
He will free you from your sin
And give you peace within
So hold your head up high
You're gonna win
(You're gonna win)


Keep fighting, keep praying, keep fasting
It ain't over, no
Keep pressing, progressing, keep moving
It ain't over, no
Keep reading, interceding, keep believing
It ain't over, no
Keep trusting, keep trying, keep travailing
It ain't over, no
Keep living, keep giving, keep going
It ain't over, no (8x)
Keep fighting until your victory is won


  1. "He desperately wants me to believe that poor decisions I have made in my past have made my present situation too hard to change for the good in the future."

    Your posts came right on time for me as I tend to become discouraged with my situation. I regret a lot of decisions I've made in my past, because they're definitely taking it's tole on my present. But, more importantly I learned from my mistakes. I wouldn't be who I am today. Thanks for this :)

  2. This post is on point sis!! I believe God used you to speak to me. You are right! All our battles have already been won, we overcome because He has already overcome! None of our decisions can ever limit God!
    God bless you sis, I pray God continues to uphold you and may your faith be anchored firmly in Him!
    Many blessings!


  3. This is a great and wonderful post!!! I love it! And I love the song!! I think one of the biggest lessons we ALL could learn is that GOD IS IN CONTROL, no matter what! We could make the best decisions in EVERYTHING, and life would still not be perfect. God has His hand in everything we do...And even when we make bad decisions, God can USE our mistakes, and turn it into a miracle.

    I heard a sermon recently when I was in Trinidad, and the preacher said that bad things happen to us when we sin, or when others sin...Other people's poor choices can affect us too. Look at Joseph and how his brothers wanted to kill him...Then they decided to throw him in a ditch and leave him for dead. His OWN brothers...Can you imagine the grief of knowing that your brother, wants you dead...and ACTUALLY tried! And then Look at the miracle God did with his life...Every step, God was there...to take him to the place where he was "the man in charge" and his brothers were at his mercy...But that was more than 30 years removed from being thrown into the ditch! And there must have been so many times that Joseph was like "what in the world is this mess! why me? what did I do to derseve to be treated like this!" He had NO IDEA how God was going to work in his life...So, you don't know when your happy ending will come...But know that God knows :)

    It's not about your past...that does not define you...your mistakes will NOT define you. God will make you...he is forming you right now...and you are beautiful and strong!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. My big thing is worry, I am constantly learning to live according to His word..
    'Be anxious for nothing but in EVERYTHING with prayer and thanksgiving make your requests to God and the peace of God would guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.'

    When I worry, all these fly out of my head but I pray to learn to keep His words in my heart. I pray your faith continue to keep you strong as you keep overcoming.

    God bless

    N.B I love your hair. Your blog has inspired me to do a 6 month protective styling challenge as well. I don't put my picture on my blog but hopefully I can stick it through and get the desired results.

  5. Thank you ladies for your responses!

    @Tiffany Hun, I definitely can relate to feeling discouraged. I have felt that way so many times especially when I focus on my circumstances surrounding me. Our eyes can be so deceiving. This is why we have to have faith to believe in the unseen and believe God has already fixed our situation and taken care of our needs. No matter how much we mess up, God is still with us. He will always love us. He promised us that and He can never lie.

    You are absolutely right. Learning from your mistakes develops character and helps shape you into a better person. :) Keep on pushing! ::hugs:: Every push forward makes you stronger.

    @Funbi Aw, I am glad! I used to read and read and just keep what I have read from the Word to myself. But I have learned (finally) that me holding in such life changing information makes me a bad steward of His wisdom. His word is meant to be shared for others to learn more about Him also through my studies. Thanks for being such an active commenter on my blog. It really means a lot and thanks for the prayers! ::hugs:: Be blessed!

    @Monique Girl, I am so glad you chimed in! What an awesome lesson you heard. I have read it so many times but never stopped to think about what Joseph might have been thinking during his loooong tribulation. It is similar to when you see someone who is at a good place in his/her life, but you never stop to think about what all that person had to go through to get to that better place. I have ran across so many sisters I look up to for their reputable characters who have shared their hard times, struggles, and testimonies and I think "Really? You? I would have never thought." But just listening to their stories on how God brought them through some really trying times just makes me marvel on how good God is. Definitely very encouraging when you are in the midst of long, hard, and draining trials. I love you for saying the words I constantly need to hear. Often times I fall back into what I have done in my past, but you encourage me to look ahead to the future God already has planned for me. Your words always bring a smile and an aw! Thank you for your insight! ::hugs::

    @Love.Live.Learn You could not have said it any better. When I worry, it seems like God's words fly right outside my head. Worry clouds our judgment. I suffer with anxiety from time to time so I can worry to a point where I just get caught up on the temporary "now" and all its woes therefore forfeiting the rich future God has already promised me. That verse you mentioned is one of my favorite verses and find myself reading it a lot. Sometimes I feel I got a hold of my worries and am able to truly focus on God, but then something comes along that sends me right back to a state of anxiety. It is definitely a continual state of learning that there is never a moment (good or bad) when you don't need the power of God. Hang in there! Keep praying and reading. That is why this thing called life is a journey. :)

    SN: Thanks for the compliment! I am so glad you found my little ol' blog and found it inspiring. I wish you the best on your challenge! How far along are you? Keep me updated, please! :)

  6. "See, the devil wants me to believe that no matter how hard I try, I am down and out forever and there is no hope for me." - YES GIRL. As long you know this, he won't be winning this battle. I hope you can get over this hill hun. *hugs*

    XOXO, Ess.