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Going Turban: New Trend in Head Wear

After watching this video from PhillyDiva19154 about how to make a fashion turban, I was UBER motivated to play around with the idea of wearing turbans to dress up a casual or formal look. I had no idea that this style of head wear is becoming more popular today as these fashion turbans are being sported on the runway and in the Hollywood spotlight (Google images).  But then again, I don't keep up with the latest trends to the tee. I am content on what I like when I like.

So I decided to play around with different ways to create the turban look with one of my favorite scarves. These were my first attempts, and the options are pretty much limitless as evident in PhillyDiva's video. Check her out!

Here are the three looks I came up with on a whim:

Look #1

Look #2


Look #3

The second turban style is my favorite! These were so quick and fun to create and are great for adding some flare to just a plain tee.  How do you feel about this current trend? Yay or nay?


  1. oooh i really like look 2 and 3!!!

  2. I also love turbans sis!! Loving the second look on you too ;)


  3. So versatile love all the looks!

  4. Thanks ladies! I am looking forward to sporting this look when the weather gets cooler. :)