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Satin Bonnet Versus The Nylon Cap

Several women have asked me what do I wear under my wigs to protect my hair?

Well definitely not this!

As far as what I wear underneath my wig, I use my satin bonnet because I feel like it is gentler on my hair.  I constantly have the nagging feeling that the wig cap would snag some of my hairs especially the little baby hairs that stick up around my head that replace the previous shed hairs. I believe there is less friction with the satin bonnet than the nylon wig cap.  Lastly, the satin bonnet has been really friendly on my edges compared to the nylon wig cap (which I have had a hard time keeping on my head (guess my head is too big...lol)).

I rotate through three bonnets each week and wash them at the end of the week.  I just started spraying a little bit of my Shea Moisture Reconstructive Elixir inside my bonnet to prevent any chance of the bonnet drying out my hair and reduce any possible friction between the bonnet and my hair.

Wouldn't the bonnet be too big or slide underneath the wig?

When I put on my satin bonnet, it is loose in the back.  However, once I put my wig on, the looseness is not even a factor anymore.  I simply tuck the exposing parts of the bonnet back underneath the wig.  As far as the sliding goes, my wig fits tight enough over my head that I don't experience any sliding.  I have however used bobby pins (with previous half wigs) to secure each side of the wig to my head to prevent sliding.

Hope this helps give you another alternative to the nylon wig cap if you feel like the cap is doing damage to your edges and nape areas or the cap doesn't fit your head properly (although there are extra large caps in the beauty supply shops). It is also good to note that you should keep your edges and nape moisturized to help prevent unnecessary breakage from wearing wigs too.

By all means, if the wig cap works for you, then work it! :)  Check out this video from April (Muffinismylovers) on YouTube on how to make your wig cap look like your skin tone:

She is my FAVORITE YouTuber who has done hundreds of wig reviews! If you ever need some wig recommendations, you should definitely check her out on her channel! That is how I found out about my beloved Solange. :)

Questions for you:
  • What do you use underneath your wigs (wig cap, bonnet, plastic bag (for baggying))?
  • Have you experienced any type of problems using the wig cap, bonnet, etc?

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  1. Very good tips. I usually buy "kid" satin bonnets. I sew the bonnet into the cap of my wig ( from the front - ear to ear. --- Don't sew the back of bonnet into wig. Leave it loose to accommodate stretching. I use bright color thread so if the bonnet's elastic wears out, I can easily remove and sew in a new bonnet. The good things about this little trick is that you're protecting your hair from the friction of the wig AND no need for bobbie pins. The bonnet secures the wig on your head.