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Welcome to my blog! This space has been used over the past several years to document mainly my natural hair journey and several different aspects of my life such as spiritual matters, my jewelry design, and parenting. I will from time to time post on this blog but my newly revamped blog can be found at BeautifullyCurled.com. Here you will find much recent updates about my hair journey along with my daughter's and so much more. Hope you will come by and visit and thanks for stopping by this blog. Be blessed. -Kris

5.5 hours later...My First Set of Mini Twists


I was inspired by Naptural85's recent set of mini twists that up and out of the blue, I decided to try them on my hair. Granted, I could have made the twists smaller but for my length of hair, they look mini enough. It took me 5.5 hours to complete last night (with breaks here and there). I absolutely LOVE them and the amount of length they show. My hair has NEVER been this long in twists. And silly me did not think to do a video tutorial...boo! But I will update my blog on the steps I took to accomplish this set and how I will maintain the set overnight. I plan on keeping these twists in for at least 3 weeks. Perfect for my 6 month protective styling challenge. The styles I can do with these are pretty much limitless. So excited! Here are a few more pictures:


Hope you all have a very blessed weekend! :)


  1. Naptural's mini twists look great and her expression: (this is gonna take awhile look) was priceless haha that's how i feel. now seeing how beautiful yours came out i think I'm gonna buckle down and do mine too.

  2. LOL. Yeah, I would look like that if my hair was as thick as hers. If you do try this style out, let me know how it turns out! :)

  3. They came out so nice! I love Naptural, so I'm gonna have to check out her twists too. I would like to do these on my hair as well since I'm participating in your 6 month protective style challenge (YAY!) but my strands are fine & they won't look as full as yours. I watched some other YT videos last night showing how to install kinky or senegalese twists, so I think I may try that this weekend & keep them in from 6/4/11-7/23/11.