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My Review on Some of the Shea Moisture Products

So here is the gist of it:

Move over Kinky Curly Come Clean because I am loving my *NEW* shampoo!

Haven't tried it on my hair but it makes my daughter's curls POP! Keeper!

It smells GREAT and is a pretty decent product BUT I feel like I can make a homemade version of this.


BLAH! I tried it as an 1 hr deep treatment, a leave-in by itself, and a part of my leave-in recipe. It didn't work for my daughter's hair either. Someone on Youtube suggested I try it as a pre-poo and then use my moisture retention shampoo following it. I am going to try that because I do want to try out all the possibilities before truly coming to an absolute conclusion. I will update you with the results of that. 

What do you think about any of these products or about the ones I have not used yet?

I am pretty excited about using the elixir and the smoothie on my hair. I will let you know how those turn out once I try them.

Here is a video of my in-depth review of some of the Shea Moisture products:

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  1. Hey! I just bought the moisture retention shampoo and conditioner. I liked the shampoo A LOT! The conditioner I'm not sure about but I only used it once so I will give it another spin. Like you I am not the biggest fan of the masque. Before I bought it I seen that a lot of people recommended it as a styling aid so I used it to do a braid-out after combing the conditioner through my hair and my results were BLAH!

  2. Hi Dara!

    First off, thanks for stopping by! I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the shampoo! :) I am getting mix reviews about the conditioner too but have not tried it yet. What was your experience after using it for the first time?

    Yeah, it seems like the masque is not a huge favorite for a lot of women. I am not sure what about it that is not really working for a lot of us. I have not used it as a pre-poo yet. I might do so this weekend to see how it turns out. It is definitely not something I would like to keep on my hair for a long period of time. It is entirely too thick for my liking to use as a styling aid especially since it does not make my hair feel as moisturized as my leave-in conditioner.


    I will post the results of using the masque as a pre-poo (something I don't usually do in the first place) to see if it produces some different results.

  3. I've tried the masque and it was just...eh. It was ok, but I wouldn't repurchase.