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Welcome to my blog! This space has been used over the past several years to document mainly my natural hair journey and several different aspects of my life such as spiritual matters, my jewelry design, and parenting. I will from time to time post on this blog but my newly revamped blog can be found at BeautifullyCurled.com. Here you will find much recent updates about my hair journey along with my daughter's and so much more. Hope you will come by and visit and thanks for stopping by this blog. Be blessed. -Kris

Freshly Threaded Eyebrows and My New Goody Products

Ahhhh...nothing quite as refreshing as FRESHLY threaded eyebrows! I get them done every 4-6 weeks and maintain them the best I can with tweezers in between sessions.

Zakiah wanted to get into the picture. So, why not?  She has finger coils in her hair. I will post pictures of those soon!

Now on to my new goody products. So, what did I buy?

*MINI* Spin Pins! They are new and know they will work great especially since the original ones have been a hit overall as one of my staple hair tools. 

Ouchless Flex Barrette! I have been wanting one of these for the LONGEST but every time it crossed my mind to check the hair aisle, the black ones were always gone. I so happened to find this one in the back of the stack.  Yay me!

I quickly put the flex barrette into use today:

NOW my bun is complete! Diggin' it! Hard.

Here is a 360 view of my bun and clip. I think I will be doing 360 views for all my styles since it is hard for me to take pictures of all the angles of my hairstyle with my web cam, which has very basic features on netbook.

Ok, well that is IT! Be blessed and BE.YOU.Always!

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