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Grow 6 Inches in 4 Months: The Hairdrenalin Potion

The big rave these days is the Hairdrenalin Potion by Youtuber Valeria aka OhValerieMonCherie. This potion has been accredited to growing 6+ inches of new growth in 4 months on Valerie's head as shown in the following video:

That is over an inch of hair every month! The average hair growth rate is 0.5 inch every month. Based on her comparison shots, it is apparent that her hair has significantly grown longer in such a short period of time. Amazing right?

Well, the ingredients of the potion and what each ingredient is claimed to do are listed below:

1. Castor Oil - thicken and strengthen hair
2. Cayenne Pepper - stimulates the scalp and simulates ideal conditions for optimal hair growth. Surges blood flow to the scalp, which feeds papilla and grows hair FAST
3. Black Tea - prevents shedding, soothes scalp, reverses irritation
4. Onion Seed Oil - ads special nutrient to hair follicle, which makes growth run rapid
5. Garlic Seed Oil - uniquely promotes optimal growth in thin/stubborn areas
6. Biotin - vitamin B7 which fuels speedy hair growth

They seem to be legitimate ingredients used many times before by women seeking to accelerate their hair growth and strengthen hair. 

On her channel, you can find how to make the exact same potion she uses on her hair. There is also a way to purchase this potion at www.hairdrenalin.com. One thing I noticed is that on the bottom of the website, it says Barbara Stephens next to the copyright information. Don't know who Barbara is unless Valerie is her middle name which she uses in association with the Hairdrenalin Potion on YouTube. No biggie...just an observation.

But nevertheless, Valerie/Barbara's potion is starting to go viral over the hair forums and hair social networks.  There is a group on Hairlista.com dedicated to growing 3+ inches in 7 weeks by using this potion that was started by a woman named Barbara (maybe the same Barbara who designed the Hairdrenalin website). Over 400+ members strong, this group will reveal the legitimacy of this potion in due time for women have either bought or made the potion themselves and have started using this recipe in hope of achieve anywhere near the amazing results Valerie has claimed in the above video. I am keeping an eye on this latest bandwagon alert just like I will be keeping an eye of Kimmaytube's upcoming product line. As for me, I will stick with protective styling and preserving my 0.5 inches of hair every month for right now. :)

Questions for you:
How do you feel about this potion?
Have you tried it or plan on trying this product?
If you have been using the potion for awhile, have you noticed any significant results?


  1. If the pics were more convincing, I'd be more inclined to try it. But, i both pics, her hair hit the 7" mark. So, I'm still confused at the 6 inches gained.

  2. I'm kinda wary of this potion because of what I've learned from hair forums that there is no magic pill that will grow your hair faster than what it already will. I guess I'm about length retention more than growth. Like you said time will tell if this is more than just a flash in the pan.

  3. It's unlikely that treatments applied topically will somehow penetrate the body to such an extent that your genetics kick it up a notch and grow hair at such a speed. So I'll wait to see the results, but I'm already incredibly cynical.

  4. If you watch her video from January, and her video in April, it looks like she only has about 2 inches of growth... which is completely normal and average for 4 months.

  5. I say it's the GHE / baggy that's causing the growth, which is what the ladies deal with in the Real Queens Regimen.

  6. I ordered it today but I have to admit I have always been a band wagoner. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks...

  7. I told Barbara at Hairlista that she like most of the other claiming extraordinaire growth that she looks like Valerie. She just said, oh really. Then one of the blockers (has something to say at anyone questioning the "potion") on the site, Nikkibee, asked if she looked like Valerie too. lol. Anyways, like I told them, I know more than they think I do and have been revealing it a little at a time. To ignore the warnings would be considered internet and mail fraud. Another piece to the puzzle Valerie signed into Hairlista as Valerie Stevens, lol. Stay tuned for more.

  8. @ Anonymous...you know what you are exactly right! I am a member of Hairlista and have been for a year now. This "Barbara" person became a member at the end of March,right around the time the "potion" started circulating and getting popular. And, her profile says she is from Brooklyn and if I am not mistaken so is Valerie. Also, its funny how she came on board and the first thing she did was create the group for Hairdrenalin. She isn't really active in the group, she chimes in every blue moon and throws in a question or comment. I really think that Valerie set that profile up for the sole purpose of advertising the potion...and all of the ingredients she is using is stuff that everyone on the site has used before..and who's to say their growth isn't coming from a combination of things?? She's a hustler!

  9. Lol u ladies are funny!
    I think that any type of oils being consistently massaged into your scalp will make your hair grow faster. Scalp massages gets blood circulation to your scalp and will help contribute to anyones growth and double your normal growth rate. Plus, the tea helps stop shedding and I hear of lots of women complaining about shedding so that can be a factor also.
    Either way I'll be trying this out! :) no growth aid has ever really worked for me (megatek, mn) but I've always wanted to try the cheyenne pepper for growth. My hair already grows 3/4-1" per month so this should be interesting :)

  10. A late chimer-inner here! But also notice that she doesn't tilt her head in the first picture and the second picture is taken from a different angle! And her chin is up! #IJS

  11. OMG some women can be so mean and evil even though some things have panned out in a bad way for the real Valerie...I don't think Barbara is Valerie! Your accusations make me want to see who you really are, even though I can figure out who you are by what you've said so far. Barbara actually has pics up. It's funny that the other anonymous persons up there know so much but want to stay under the cover of anonymity! Or could be that they are negative skeptical instigators. I guess everybody from Brooklyn is Valerie...(yea that TOTALLY makes sense!)...SMH If you ppl are that turned off why don't you consider a career in private investigation and stop spending all your time chasing and talking about something that you don't think works! Move on...I've used it and it works. I gained 2 inches in a month and a half and will continue using it. You ppl have no life!

  12. OMGoodness, calm yourself and stop being childish. Any and everyone are entitled to their own opinions, so don't jump on them for expressing them. There are plenty of other bloggers that have formulated hair products out of just to save the time of applying them individually; sound familiar. Also, that ingredients list just sounds like something that would make you want to order it online instead of DIY. Again, an opinion.

  13. Hi ladies! Thanks for chiming in with your comments. I really do appreciate them but want to make sure everyone respects each other's opinions. Any future references to other commenters will be deleted. Just want to keep a positive atmosphere. :)

    It has been some months now since the potion has been introduced. I know I get a lot of hits to my blog because of this post so I would like to get any feedback from women who have tried it, are trying it, and would like to try it in the near future.

    Is the potion working? Any drawbacks? Links to your progress pictures/videos would be helpful. I would like to do an update post about the potion in the near future.

    Thanks! :)

  14. I agree with love in right, in the second shot she tilts her head back. Additionally, I prefer the first shot, her ends looked healthier, in the second shot it looks like she has a lot of split ends.

  15. I have used it, I have pictures posted on my YouTube account, however I lost ALOT of hair with the GHE and it just didn't take to my hair. After talking to other people recently I found out that everyones potion looked different and worked different (mainly no growth). But I'm subscribed to her on YouTube and since people have been posting videos of no growth she has stopped posting videos. So....that really makes me wonder what's going on.

  16. Lawd hammercy! There are ALWAYS Negative minded ppl on these sites trying to disprove someone's claims of a product. Now let's say that a particular product don't work for you...well so what? There is no such thing as one size fits all! Just because that product didn't work for you doesn't mean the creator of the product is a fraud! How can you really know if something doesn't work for you if you haven't tried it? Most of you people have not tried it and yet you put FRAUD out there without just cause. You can easily be negative and find others to jump on the bandwagon! And on the other side of the coin, you can get positive people to put a postive spin on a product and get more positive feedback and positive people to join in and so on. It's called: Like attracts like!
    But for goodness sake.. please be fair. If you don't like something, why try to get others to cosign if they haven't tried the product? I have watched this Valerie on all of her videos and she seemed like a credible person to me. I am going to try the product without prejudice. If it doesn't work then, oh well....I won't order again...Imma keep it movin which is what you should do!

  17. Marie is lookin out for ya!February 22, 2012 at 3:53 PM

    Think outside the box people! You can grow your hair longer than the specified 3/4 or 1/4 inch per month! I am doing it! My hair grows about 1 inch per month or more! It is normal for my hair to grow that length? NO! It is growing that fast because I do several things to speed growth! I am no cosmetician, nor dermatoligist, I have done lots of research on black hair and I am sharing with you what I have learned and what I do to grow my hair. FIRST thing is you have to rid yourself of the negative belief that black hair cannot grow long, or can only grow no more than shoulder length! Or that our hair is inferior to other races... This is just not true! That's #1. Once you have gotten a new mindset, the second myth that you must rid yourself of is that nothing that you put on your hair and scalp cannot grow hair! WRONG! I am living proof. This lie has been going around for centuries. Again I have proved this myth to be untrue! Below is how one can grow hair past the so called "regular" monthly growing rate.
    Lets start dispelling these old wives tales and myths that prevent us from achieving long hair. You can't believe everything that is floating around out there! Regardless of who tells you...find what works for you and work with it!

    I am not endorsing any particular product. I will suggest my regimine that works for me that gets me good results. ie; 1 inch or more growth per month. (without naming any products).

    1. Wash your hair daily (with a non-sulfate shampoo)
    2. Deep condition your hair at least 1x a month. (not a shampoo with conditioner either). Leave on for 45 mins. to 1 hr. (possibly with a plastic cap or hair dryer)
    3. Use a product that moisturizes your hair (*not the usual daily moisturizers that you get from your local BSS). That is, unless you found one that works for you. Stick with it!
    -----To be continued next post below----

  18. Marie just lookin out for ya!February 22, 2012 at 3:56 PM

    4. To prevent dryness, use an essential oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, EVOO, castor or black castor oil which all can help promote hair growth. Can be used on scalp. If you're going to apply it on hair be sure to pay attention to the ends.
    5. Massage, massage, massage. Finger massage in addition to using a scalp massager works wonders twice a day if possible. But you must massage your hair at least once per day. Anywhere from 5-10 minutes.
    6. Eat as much protein as possible including eggs, lean meats, vegetables. Cut out or reduce fast foods and or fried foods.
    7. Take vitamins, preferably ones that contain Biotin, MSM and B vitamins. Also vitamin E is perfect for hair growth.
    8. Sleep with a silk or satin bonnet, scarf or directly on satin pillowcase.
    9. As long as it is not braided too tightly, give your hair a break by braiding it or putting on a wig for a couple of weeks to a month. Use protective styles whenever possible.
    10. Use as minimal heat as possible. If you must flat iron, use a heat protective on it. Certainly do not flat iron or use heat on a daily basis!

    Learn to love your hair! Treat it kindly and nourish your hair and it will reward you with long, healthy hair! No yanking or pulling or tugging, Go easy. Don't
    comb too much.. do not use harsh brushes. Above all....have patience. If your hair is accustomed to growing slowly, give your new regimine time. When you begin your new regimine, start a hair journal noting everything that you do to your hair as well as what you put on your hair and scalp how many times, etc.

    *Do yourself a favor and research online the different moisturizing products from black hair care companies (that are not expensive). Caveat: Stay away from companies that use Germal, Germal II5 or any type of Germal in their ingredients. Always pay attention to the ingredients in your hair care products. This ingredient releases formaldehyde which is very toxic!(It is used to preserve dead people..look it up).

    Be sure that the first ingredient in moisturizers is WATER. Water is essential to the overall health and growth of your hair. You can buy inexpensive scalp massagers from Amazon.com for less than 10.00. Through trial and error now, nothing that I buy for my hair costs more than 10.00-15.00 at a time. Unless I get a 32 oz bottle of something. Or one of the oils that I use costs less than 20.00 but that is the most expensive product that I use. I pay that much for it because it does promote fast hair growth and has numerous amounts of essential oils that promote hair growth (over 17 herbs).
    Make sure that you put in the work and you will be amazed beyond measure at how fast and long your hair can get. Don't be lazy! Consistency and patience is key! You're not going to grow hair down to your back in 2 months! I wish you a Happy Hair journey!

  19. If u dont want to go through the hassle of making it...