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Welcome to my blog! This space has been used over the past several years to document mainly my natural hair journey and several different aspects of my life such as spiritual matters, my jewelry design, and parenting. I will from time to time post on this blog but my newly revamped blog can be found at BeautifullyCurled.com. Here you will find much recent updates about my hair journey along with my daughter's and so much more. Hope you will come by and visit and thanks for stopping by this blog. Be blessed. -Kris

The Child Made Me Do It...

...her entire head of hair AGAIN yesterday. Saturday, I had her hair in nice individual sections of twists.

They survived Saturday night but two nights ago, it was a W-R-A-P. When I got Z up yesterday morning, she managed to pull almost all her elastic bands off her hair. All I could do was SMH when I picked her up from her crib. So I sternly told her that she cannot pull off her elastic bands when she goes to bed at night. She has a habit of putting them around her ankles and wrists like bracelets (she is into bracelets right now).

I proceeded to re-do her hair but decided this time to braid her hair instead of twisting them. I did not re-wet her hair but applied the leave-in recipe I made last week using the Shea Moisture's Curl and Style Milk (instead of the usual Kinky Curly Knot Today) on each section of her hair. I must say, this Shea Moisture line is working really well for Z's hair. The leave-in left her hair feeling well moisturized and shiny. I am really impressed. So it took me under an hour to complete her hair and here are the end results:

Her hair is holding up really well and even this morning, there were no signs of frizz. I left the two sections out in the front last night in case she had the urge to pull her elastic bands out, which of course, she did. So all I had to do was redo those two front sections which I just combined into one braid going to the side and secured with a barrette (which will probably get lost somewhere in daycare). :)

I really like how the braids came out and will probably start braiding her hair instead of twisting when it comes to this particular style.

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!

Take care and be blessed! :)

Oh, and I got the HTC Thunderbolt from Verizon last night. Love it! So much faster than the BB Storm and it is 4G. I can talk and surf the web at the same time although I am not that advanced yet. I still like to focus on the person I am talking to and not surf the web (unless it pertains the the convo, of course!). :)

I really wanted the iphone but would rather wait until iPhone 6 comes out. I am reading some good things about that version of the phone. The iPhone is still in my future but just on hold for right now.

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