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Pokey Pokey at the 2 Month Appointment

Yesterday, Z got her first round of shots. I was nervous at first because of things my dad had said about feeling bad/sad/upset that someone is going to poke my baby and the fact that Z didn't know what was ahead of her. Even as an adult, I don't like needles but can tolerate them. I remembered when she was poked in the hospital the day after she was born and how she screamed at the top of her lungs...broke my heart. I still tear up when I see the video I recorded on my phone of that moment.

Z weighed a whopping 11 lbs and 10 ounces! My baby is getting chunky...hehe. When the time came for Z to get her immunizations, she was sleep because I was breastfeeding her to calm her down...she was still tired from over the weekend. The nurse gave her a dose of oral medication, which woke her up. Then the nurse proceeded to give Z the first of three shots in her right thigh. After the first shot, Z didn't cry but I think she was processing what was going on. Right when she started crying, the nurse quickly poked her twice in her left thigh, bandaged her, and the who process was over.

It seemed to take no more than 30 seconds. Z was consoled and within a minute or two after the shots, she stopped crying. Amazing! Z took it like a brave little girl. Mommy and daddy were so proud! :) Z even gave us a few smiles before leaving the room. Oh, and the cry was not anything new to me and Josh. We were thinking we were going to hear some different type of cry when Z got poked.

Z was a little cranky throughout the day yesterday but I am not sure it is because she either was still recouping from the weekend or she was in a little pain or both. Nevertheless, all is well and now she can come out and show her pretty face to the world! The people at Church are dying to eat her up...hahaha.

Ahhhh, no more shots until 4 months.

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