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Learning How to Cornrow: Attempt #3

I washed and conditioned Zakiah's hair yesterday, stretched out her hair by placing her hair in four braids, and allowed her hair to air dry overnight. Today, I decided to try cornrowing again thanks to Diva Locks (check out her blog! She is so skilled. One of my inspirations.) for her wonderful tips. When I took down Zakiah's braids, her hair was pretty well stretched and SOOOOO soft! I was not sure what products to put on her hair so I put on some Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

This time around, I decided to still do the basic straight back pattern since I want to master the basics first.  I didn't do small parts because I want to get a grip on how to pinch a little bit of hair as I go down the row plus get comfortable with the braiding pattern. When positioning my hands, I had to keep in mind: underhand. My first two attempts, I started overhand and then switched to underhand. No wonder why the braids looked like french braids. I realize now that underhand is for cornrowing and overhand is for french braiding.

When I started a cornrow, I had a hard time gripping the first several pieces of hair because her edges are so fine and soft. They kept slipping so the beginning of the cornrows are not as tight as I would like (although I don't want them too tight and cause any damage).  Once the cornrow was started, I began to pick up small pieces of hair as I braided along the section (much smaller pieces compared to the previous two attempts).  To my surprise, my cornrow started to look like a cornrow. All smiles!

As I moved along, I struggled with keeping the three pieces of the braid separate. This made it difficult with pinching and grabbing her hair, and I think this contributed to much of the frizz seen in the picture. I continued on until I reached the end of the section and was really excited with the dramatic difference from the last two sets of cornrows.

I only did one quarter of her head. She became restless so I decided to remove the cornrows and put her hair in a puff. I might try again next week. I do see progression in my cornrowing effort. This time was definitely easier than the last. That's the point right?

Until attempt number 4, please leave any other tips that would be helpful with minimizing the frizz and starting a tighter braid at the beginning of the cornrow. Oh, and any product suggestions would be awesome!

Be blessed and thanks for reading!

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  1. Yay! They look so much better! Tip: When you first start the cornrow and you have your three sections of hair braid that hair like as if you were doing a regular braid just braid it about 2-3 times then start to pinch/grab the hair to make the cornrow. I use a little Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter and sometimes ORS Lock & Twist Gel.